April - May: 29 - 5

This Week: I got an awesome T-Shirt, wore sunglasses, found my new summer drink, sat in the sun, ate a full english breakfast, tried on dresses, ate LOTS of sweets, clubbed it up and rode crazy roller-coasters!

This week has been a full on hectic one for once! A slow start, but with my cousin visiting over from Portugal we had a long weekend planned ahead! And what a weekend! I spent Friday in my new favourite pub with my family and boyfriend, it's an awesome little 'old-man' pub as we all called it but it was so lively, but also a really warm and cosy kind of place with no where to sit and drinks served until late! We'd all got ID'd for the first time in years too which is always hilarious in the moment strangely.
Saturday night was jam-packed too with a shopping trip to Watford where someone returned with 3 pairs of Primarni shoes (oops!), and a trip to a club in North London called The Stone Marquee. The gang and I thought the night was pretty slow starting and awful if I'm honest... But we made the most of it with drunk moments and crazy dance moves! I pretty much fell in love with my outfit and can't wait to wear it again, maybe a little more casual for a day trip...! I think printed bottoms are my thing.
Sunday then came along with a surprise first theme park trip for my cousin. She only knew where we were going when we got there which was a good surprise I think! It was super-super busy so we only went on the rides we REALLY wanted to go in. This included, Saw, Nemesis Inferno, Swarm and Stealth. Stealth had also left the weirdest spotty looking bruise on both my arms... I actually don't know how though. It was my first time on the ride too, and I thought it was just awesome!

So basically, I've had the craziest weekend, and I've got to say it's probably been one of my best weeks this year. Of course ranking under my Scotland trip, but still one of the best! What's your best week this year consisted of?

I'd write some more for this week's weekly update, but I'm logging off now because I'm suffering from a seriously delayed case of vertigo from looking at the screen for too long!
Goodnight! And enjoy your May Day girlies!

CAT xo
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  1. Great photos! Love the top and the pants :)

    1. Thank you :) They're only a few of my favourite pieces atm! XO

  2. love the new top and your trousers are amazing! I've always wanted to go to Thorpe Park! xo


    1. You should go! It's so much fun, I want to go Alton Towers next! XO