May: 13 - 19

This Week: I bought heart shaped sunnies, did some nail art, ate a Pastel de Nata, embraced my curls, won a twitter comp, spontaneously dip-dyed my hair, cuddled with my pup, wore my favourite trousers and had a lovely sunday!
This week has been a little busier for me. As well as being busy at work and the usual blah-de-blah, I had a couple more days with my cousin which we spent having some decent family time at home, or eating out at my mum and dad's chippy.
My weekend was jam packed with fun. Yesterday I went to see Fast and Furious 6 with the boyfriend and co., and it was really really good! I would see it again if I could, and I'm not like that often with films, and I like my films. Now super-excited for the 7th Fast and Furious film that's going to star the awesome Jason Statham as a baddie! Jason can't be a baddie! - He's always the goodie!
Today I spent having some quality time with the family and the boyfriend. We had the first BBQ of the year with Greek food and typical BBQ food to enjoy. We ended up popping over to the park a couple of minutes away from our house and played football on the field... Of course I won. But my boyfriend said he let me and my little siblings win... *cough* lies *cough* ;)
I also ended up dying my hair Saturday afternoon. I thought "what's the worst that could happen!?" and turns out I love my new red dip dye that I've been swaying on deciding whether to do for months! I'm glad I did because I love a bit of crazy colour! I'm using Directions in Pillar Box Red, and I've got enough to do it again a couple more times when it finally fades. I don't know how long it's going to last, so if you have any red hair dye recommendations I'd love to hear which ones they are! :) I might try pink when I finally get bored....!
Have you had your first BBQ of the year yet?
CAT xo
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p.s. apologies if this post is everywhere. I'm still working on my mojo. And it's late.

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