May: 20 - 26

This Week: I wore neutral make-up, wore blue and white for the work charity day, got a bottle of coke with apparently "almost" my name on it, had a Saturday date night, recycled a CD unit for a nail polish one, and wore a fruity maxi dress!

This week has been a mini roller-coaster for me. I've been in all sorts of moods this week, but I'm finally feeling myself again. I had a great Thursday at work which helped me perk up as I'd spent most of the week being "meh". I was given really positive feedback on my work, which really helped boost my mood and motivation to keep bettering myself. It was from a very important person a little higher in the company so it really did mean a lot to me. And just this made my week from a bad one to a great one!
The rest of the week just got better, I had a pretty good weekend spring cleaning out my space at home and getting things done so I can relax for the rest of the week. And I was a very very good girlfriend today, and cooked my very first roast dinner for my boyfriend! I made roasted chicken with all the trimmings and the best of all apple crumbles for dessert. I impressed the man, and I could tell when he wolfed down his heaped plate!
Overall, I've finally perked up thanks to a few good things, and I can tell how much whatever was going on before affected me because I'm back to being my chirpy self: enjoying work and being happy about life, wanting to blog lots again and do all my girly pampering. I'm so glad I'm back to my normal self again - as normal as I can get!

Have you done anything different or fun this weekend?

CAT xo
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