Spontaneous Red Dip Dye

Hair Dye - Directions in Pillarbox Red

Last week I decided that I was bored with my hair. The all-over brunette that I dyed before had faded back to a dark ombre and although I loved my blonde-ish ombre, apart from being bored of it, I started to dislike it because everyone had or started to have it.
I was stuck between doing my dip-dye or going for some summer highlights. But thus, on a budget and finding my Directions hair dye that I had from the last time I tried to have any sort of red in my hair, I spontaneously decided red dip-dye was the one. It came to me, that it would fade eventually and if I didn't want it any more, that I could always go to the salon and do my summer highlights afterwards.
I love Directions just because they have a ridiculous selection of colours. They have a collection so vast you could colour your hair any way you like. You could have it green, pink, purple, blue.... I like that it's also ready to use, and you can just pop the lid back on and use the rest next time you need to. Like if you need to re-top the colour! It's perfect for me, especially since I'm loving my new dip-dye. It's a change of colour, and  a litte more fun! I love this red, but I think when I run out of red I'm going to get either Flamingo Pink or Violet! It's also super-cheap at around £3.95 a pot and re-usable. Awesome if you ask me!

Have you got a crazy colour hair dye company you use or know of?
I'd love to hear what ones you recommend!

CAT xo
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  1. I am in love with your hair! So pretty :D


  2. this looks so pretty! ive always wanted to dip dye my hair with red, i'll have to keep the colour you used in mind because it looks great! x

    1. You should! I haven't applied it again since and it's still quite red and just fading away now :) XO

  3. You hair looks fab! It's so effective with curls too!
    Keep it up Cat :)

    Katherine ox

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I think it looks better with curls! XO