It's All Rumours, But Just In Case...

Okay, so this is getting a little crrrrazy!
I've heard all sorts about Google Friend Connect disappearing on the 1st of July. But after a little conversation on Twitter with some lovely fellow bloggers, we had come to the conclusion that it is just an out of hand rumour, and there is real knowing of what will happen next month. I for one bet that on the 2nd of July, Google Friend Connect will still be live. If it isn't it would just ruin all our efforts as bloggers in following, keeping up and reading ours and others' blogs. It would of been nice for Google to explain what's staying at what's going in the simplest of terms so we don't have to get into a full evenings worth of research about the future of the blogosphere, and letting us all start flapping about over the situation when we can find a solid answer! For all the efforts of moving over to the now much loved, BlogLovin', which in all honesty I prefer lots more, this better be the case! Haha.
I've also read blog posts explaining the situation, and I'm sure everyone's had their say about it, but I honestly believe that it isn't going anywhere, and after doing the whole switch I don't mind too much any more. But just in case I'm wrong...

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