June: 10 - 16

This Week: I organised my cupboard, wore some long lost tights, and a long lost necklace, felt fresh-faced, wore a cute outfit, watched the parade, ate some candy floss, bought the boyf' a present and sent this via Instagram to my Dad.

My week has been pretty standard. I hate weeks like this, where everything is boring and normal. I did although book my holiday finally! I am going to sunny Cyprus with the boyfriend for a week, and cheekily going to Portugal 2 weeks later :)
Talking of Portugal, if I haven't mentions before, I'm going to Portugal in August for my aunts 25th wedding anniversary and it's like a wedding as well as an anniversary party so it's all dressed up, church, the lot. And as a bridesmaid, I have to be as dolled up as possible! So I've been on the dress hunt, and finally found a dress to wear, and bought it too. Its off eBay so I'm a bit nervous about seeing it but I'm pretty excited too. I'm glad I have a back up dress just in case...! I've also bought a few holiday bits I'm trying not to wear or anything like that, just because I want them to be worn first on holiday. I've only got 3 and a half weeks to wait! YAY!

Have you book any holidays or have anything fun to look forward to?

CAT xo
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