June: 17 - 23

This Week: I ate Nandos, got some goodies, didn't want to work (holiday please!), painted my nails confetti style, bought some bargainista shorts, had a doggie on my lap whilst getting my hair done, insta video-ed my breakfast, showed off my new hair do, and spit the bunk bed apart.

I'm sitting in my bed wondering what I did all week, and to be honest I've come across completely blank. I must have bee day dreaming so much about all the things I have planned I've glided through the week thinking it was dragging. And it did really.
I was looking forward to my weekend most of the time! I got my hair cut into a new layered style, getting rid of almost 3 inches of split ends and ruined hair. And I also got my hair coloured to a lovely mid brown with soft honeycomb like highlights, which wasn't the plan! The hair was supposed to go a lot lighter than what it did, so we put in the highlights afterwards. I'm glad I did because I absolutely love my new hair! Now I have a pretty fresh cut and a perfect summer colour!
Today I had a lovely day doing lots of little things at home, and being generally productive. I went to see Man of Steel with my boyfriend too, and we had a chinese buffet just before which was just yummy! The film was good, but to me there was too much pointless action, and although it was a good film, I'm not raving about it afterwards feeling like I want to talk about it and recite lines out loud. 7 out of 10 for Mr Clark Kent.

I'm looking forward to a hopefully quick week. I have plans to pop lots on eBay and hopefully sell them off quick, and also to write lots of posts I have queued up!
Have you got any exciting plans this week?

CAT xo
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