June: 24 - 30

This Week: My dress for the wedding arrived, I was obsessed with purple eyeshadow, I wore floral trousers, painted my nails different, styled it like Lily Allen and tried to rock a floral headband!

So earlier in the week, I was excited when my dress arrived in the post for my Aunt's Silver Wedding. When it came, I noticed it was a slightly darker shade than I expected but it's still bright and blue, which is what I wanted, so I wasn't disappointed with it whatsoever. I tried it on, and loved it more instantly. I got stuck in it too because the back is laced up and I had to get my sister to tie me in! I also tried a pair of my highest heels on just to see what it would look like, and realised that the New Look heels I've still not worn since November 2011 work perfect with the dress! They're super-high and even still my dresses touches the floor! But at least now I've saved some money on shoes.
My week wasn't much more exciting than that, but I did have a lovely weekend, especially with the sunshine we're getting in London areas! Yesterday I went to have a Toby Carvery with the boyfriend and chilled out for the evening, since I didn't expect to be seeing each other today. We did see each other, but only for an hour as he was busy selling his beautiful car! But all for good reason :) And since the boyfriend was working and busy with other things, I decided to go shopping so I wouldn't have to drag my boyfriend around as much! (Aren't I a lovely girlfriend!?) Luckily my uncle wanted to go to, so I had a little company! I ended up buying a few last holiday bits and although I still have the Herts/Beds Bloggers Meet Sunday and a shopping trip with the boyfriend Monday, I think I'm done and I'm going to try not to spend any more money! I will be doing a 'High Summer Haul' post soon if you'd like to see that? :)

It was so super-hot and sunny today, I wouldn't be surprised if I've got a case of 'tanned driver's arm' tomorrow! Apparently hottest day of the year? I wouldn't say the weatherman lied!
How did you spend your sunny sunday!?

CAT xo
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  1. I love your ombre thumb nail and the floral headcrown! :)