June: 3 - 9

This Week: I soaked up some morning sun, painted floral/gingham nails, got a tripod, and a vintage chest of drawers, then I got a new dress, and a new bag (phew!). I took a picture of my Saturday face, ate a cheeky icecream sandwich and pained a nail design that didn't last 5 minutes.

Looking back, my week seems pretty expensive. I did a lot. Between work and sleep, I spent the rest of the time going out quite a bit. I spent Tuesday evening having Nandos with the boyfriend, realising how much we like Nandos and enjoying a day out in the week! Friday evening having Zincos with the work girls for one of their birthdays. I bought her a surprise birthday cake that disappeared in a matter of minutes! I also spent Saturday evening in a pub garden for dinner, which I'd never been to and really liked.
So basically I spent the week eating out. I should be saving the pennies for the holiday next month which I still haven't booked. We have that planned for tomorrow. But I did book my flights to Portugal in August which I got super-happy about! And my dress for the wedding came through the post as well which was really exciting.
Talking of post and buys. I realised I got lots this week as well. Not on purpose either. My mum bought me a lovely chest of drawers as mine were falling to pieces, and she also got me a dress I wore today. I ended up with another two dresses, as I had to exchange the size from the market and found the other dresses there. And my tripod came through the post too, along with a bag I am to be reviewing sometime in the next two weeks.
I've had a different and more exciting one this week, and I like weeks like this one. I couldn't have them all the time though. I'd feel super-skint afterwards. I'm planning on selling a few things on eBay soon to make a little bit of side dollar, so I'll be linking that up on the blog soon.

On another note, I hope you would take the time to check out my boyfriend John's charity event he is taking part in on Saturday. Him and the rest of the Wickes Team at Borehamwood, not only in their store but in all Wickes Stores throughout the country will be rowing on a rowing machine, the equivalent of Dover to Calais and back for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. It's called THE BIG ROWATHON, and if you'd kindly like to donate anything to them on their Just Giving page, it would mean a lot to me, to him, and the rest of the Wickes Team. I've already donated and I'm going to be visiting the store to support them and maybe row myself! If you do donate, please wish your Good Lucks in the message to John! If he raises the most money he'll get a day off as well, and the man deserves one ;) Thank You!

CAT xo
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  1. Cute pics! Your nails look lovely! xx

    1. Thank you :) I wish they would just grow though! LOL XO