May - June: 27 - 3

This Week: I was obsessed with Muller Corners, I also obsessed over my dip dye, I had a lovely day off spent in IKEA, loved this cereal, painted my nails simple, enjoyed the sight of daisies, pouted for #BINTM, got the car washed *shock horror*, and put on my new watch!

I've had an eventful week for once. I've been out and about and running around having a good time generally using my time well and being busy. This isn't usual for me, so it excites me when I have a week out of the norm whether it be a change in working days or a day out in the week. I feel so sad saying that, but it's true and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
The start of the week was slow, but Wednesday onwards has been non-stop! At work I set up the biggest Miss Selfridge Sale I'd seen in a while. And with having to work over the weekend, I had a day off in the middle of the week, where me and my boyfriend who luckily had the same day off.
We set off to IKEA as he had to buy himself a wardrobe for his room, and we spent the best part of 3 and a half hours in the store and managed to buy a few bits for my boyfriend's bedroom re-vamp, including the new wardrobe I'm totally jealous of. The only thing I don't like about IKEA is the fact that it's all a set route, and you have to follow it back to get back to something you want. It's time consuming! But I love IKEA for everything else! They do everything from furniture, to kitchen ware, and duvet sets to meatballs! And some tasty meatballs at that. We had a lovely yummy lunch there and if it was a restaurant closer to home, I'd go there again :P

As well as that I'd been working all weekend, including this morning at 6:30! But after my morning's work was done I spent the day running little errands and being generally more productive than usual. I even got my car cleaned, which I don't usually get done too often. I spent the evening doing the usual lazy thing with the boyfriend. It's been a good chirpy week really :)

Have you done anything nice this week?

CAT xo
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  1. Your hair is lush babe! & that watch is so cute ! Love it!

    Shuvi xoxo

    1. Aww thanks, it really needs a hair cut! lol XO

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous and that IKEA food looks delicious xx

    1. Thank you :) It was very yummy! Wish I'd tried their 60p hotdogs though...! haha XO