Wishlist #25

I think making wishlists is one of my favourite things to blog about. But then again it makes me want everything I've seen even more....!

Nica Thea Satchel Bag - I've realised that my Warehouse Bag is starting to wear and it being my all-time favourite bag, I want to keep it for as long as possible! I think I need an all-time favourite summer bag that's pretty in colour and as useful as my beloved Warehouse bag. This one, or one like it in any pastel colour would be LOVELY!
White Puppy Pocket T-Shirt - Too cute to resist!! I saw this whilst online shopping and I just 'aww-ed' at how cute it was... I'd love to wear this little guy in my pretend pocket everyday!
Lime Daisy Lace Tunic - It's so bright and bold, and so me. I think this is the sort of thing I'd love to wear on holiday. I love the neckline, and although it doesn't have my preferred waistline I think this would still look  nice on. I'd just hope it was more of a clingy fit than a loose one.
Peach Flower Embellished Bead Cami - I've seen this in peach and in mint and I absolutely love this. I definitely have to get one. I haven't got many really pretty going out tops so I'd love to start getting some nice tops in my collection. I'm trying to re-work my wardrobe into one I can be proud of!
Nails RocKits - Still obsessed with lilac, when I saw this on the Topshop website I was like... WOW. I'm not a big fan of felt nails as I feel it didn't work for me, but I'd try it again just to create those nails on the pack.
Cream Rose Print Textured Peplum Top - My boyfriend recently told me I looked nice in peplum tops and I've only got two in black that I wear for work. I would love to add a few pretty ones to my collection, and I seriously don't know why I don't have any more as they're so flattering.
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Eau De Parfum - I haven't smelt this yet, but everyone raves about it. I'd love to see how good this really is. And I know I've put it on my wishlist, but I'd really love a new fragrance for this Summer. I could get one when I go away... Can you say Duty Free?
Lilac Ramble Square Toe Sandals - Again. Just because I like the style having bought a pair in a multi-coloured style from Primark, and because it's lilac. Why lilac? I don't know. I just love it.
Most of all I'd love to get a new fragrance soon from all this.
What fragrance is on your wishlist?
CAT xo
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