Wishlist #27

Things are going to get holiday like on my wishlist for the next 4 weeks! Excited much!!!!

High Waisted Bleach Shorts - I haven't got a pair of versatile cut offs and I can't find a pair I really like. This is the closest I've found to what's in my head. I love these from Forever 21 and forget it's around. And ended up finding...
High Waisted Hounds Tooth Shorts - THESE beautiful printed shorts too! They're so cool and I have a feeling, in for next seasons trend. I've got the holiday all booked now so I keep looking at shorts I could get to wear out in Cyprus! Excited! Eep!
Super Liner Black Buster - I've almost bought this 27476382 times! I keep looking at it, and it's big nib scares me away, but that advert on the telle keeps enticing me. Maybe it'll be my next payday treat!
Snow Leopard Bikini - Okay. Now, tell me if I'm wrong but that's a white tiger is it not? White Tiger or Snow Leopard, I'm still looking for a super-cute bandeau style bikini for this year. Any suggestions for anyone with a big bust??
Star Hair Clamp - I am in love with statement hair bands and all sorts after I purchased my hair cuff last week. I want to wear one all the time! And this one is in the shape of a star: what's not to like?
Red Daisy Print Dress - After seeing Becky of Milk Bubble Tea wearing this beaut on her blog I want it too. She really rocks it and I couldn't rock it half as much, but if I get it: I'll try!
Not A Lotta Rosie Headband - I will get one. Eventually, and this one is great for beginner crown wearers like me. I don't think I'm ready to go bold straight away!
Models Own Splash Box Set - These look so amazing, and although they look quite sheer and I'm not a fan of sheer, I really like the look of these and want them so much. I love the sparkly flakes and the bright summery colours. I'm such a magpie. I still really want the Tropical set too. Probably my most wanted set on the Models Own site.

What's your favourite Model's Own set?
CAT xo
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  1. great whishlist, especially love the high waisted bleach shorts and the snow leopard bikini :) I was thinking about getting the L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim - Black Intense which is similar but thinner than the black buster. I have just posted my whishlist on my blog, would love it if you could take a look :) http://littlemissclouise.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/endless-shopping-main-products-from.html

    love charlotte xx

    1. Oh, that sounds really good! I'm glad you commented, I'm going to have to look at that eyeliner :D
      I'll take a look at yours! Thanks for commenting :) XO

  2. really want them High Waisted Hounds Tooth Shorts <3 so lush :)


  3. Totally feeling this wish list, that dress is so pretty and I'm actual going to make a floral crown this week. Love your picks xx