Wishlist #28

With my holiday just over two weeks away, I'm looking at things I'd like to take away with me and things that smell pretty too. Apart from the perfume and air freshener on my wishlist below I'm craving to own something coconut smelling. But I think I'm just obsessed with things that smell like summer and holidays! bring on the sunshine!

Estée Lauder, Bronzed Goddess - After watching Lily Melrose's May Favourites video on YouTube, I really want this. I've only heard great things about this and can't find it anywhere local to smell it. Hopefully though, I can see if I pick this up at Duty Free in a couple of weeks!
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - I'm going to my mum's friend tomorrow for a big hair make-over. Cut and colour! And I really want to look after my hair this time... It's going to be a colour I've never tried before and I'm hoping I'm going to love it! Bit scared! Argh! But this would be perfect to help keep hair looking amazing, and hydrated.
Red Lace Bardot Crop Top - This had just came in my delivery today and I was super excited to put it out for one of the newest Miss Selfridge trends I'm really excited about. I can imagine this on holiday with cut off denim shorts and some shin length gladiator sandals!
Silver Tone Embellished Cats Eye Sunglasses - I think I am in love with sunglasses that are out of the ordinary. I love these from River Island, and I want a pair of cats eye ones like these... Any cheap cheap dupes around!?
Sugar & Spice Air Freshener - Ooooh. I got these in my Miss Selfridge delivery too and it smells soooooo good! Like powder sherbet! I couldn't find it on the Miss Selfridge website but I did on the River Island one...! Mmmmm...
Mini Skort in White - OMG. I am dying for a pair of these! I'd love love love to get these exact ones but I might have to settle for eBay dupes. They won't arrive on time for my holiday to Cyprus but maybe for the hoiday to Portugal. Should I get them?
Jack Daniel's Vest - Ah, again. A shirt that would look awesome with cut off denim shorts! I love JD, it's my drink... of course mixed with coke as I'm a total lightweight. But it's a fave, and it's the boyfriend's fave too! ;) ♥

CAT xo
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  1. I've been on the hint for a Jack Daniels vest too!
    Just the sight of the logo makes me happy! lol
    ..and the sunglasses are stunning!


    1. They are pretty awesome... The amount of times I've nearly bought one :) XO

  2. I really want a jack daniels top too, I think they're so cute! xx