Wishlist #29

Jeffrey Campbell x Timberland - THIS amazingness was published as a sneak peak on Instagram by Jeffrey Campbell. SOMEONE tell me when the release date for this is... I'd LOVE a pair. I don't yet own a pair of real Campbells... I think these could be the first!!!
Tie Front Shirt - I love this shirt so much. Perfect cowboy or "Little House on the Prairie" style, and I remember my mum having one like this in white, which I think she still has too. But I am in love with it in the red colour. And it's pretty cheap for Miss Selfridge too at only £18!
Lauren Denim Polka-Dot Skater Dress - This is one of those summer dresses I live in! I have two dresses in the same style, skater, pretty back design and quite romantic looking. This one being denim would be a lovely addition, in my slowly growing collection.
Blue Burnout Floral Midi Skirt - Isn't it pretty? I love the blue... And I could imagine in with the red shirt, or a pretty white top for a nautical feel? I don't think it would suit me though, but I can imagine many ways to wear. Mostly looking quite 'Grease'. Thoughts?
Straw Cat Ear Bowler - I wouldn't be me if I didn't like quirky things like this! Oh how I'd love a hat with cat -like ears on it...

I know it's pay day for most of us. And I wish I could afford all these beauts but I'm saving my dollar for the amazing holiday I'm about to go on in the next couple of weeks!
Someone buy me all this please?
CAT xo
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  1. That hat is adorable omg. It's a bit pricey but probably worth it c:

    Kirsten ~ lateforteaa

  2. Im am loving the floral lace skirts in topshop at the moment! the hat is soo cute too! xo