July: 22 - 28

This Week: The boyfriend took me for a drive in his sexy new car, I did a little shopping, experimented with my make-up lots, ate a ridiculous amount of junk food and re-vamped the blog!

I've had a more interesting week for once. There was a day at work where we had a power cut for about 2 hours, my boyfriend had got his new car in the middle of the week, and I shopped a bit due to the pay day weekend!
The week went by pretty quickly. Next thing I knew it was half way through the week and the boyfriend had just come back from picking up his new car. We were both excited to finally go for a drive in his newest auto-mobile and basically spent an entire evening in the car, which I decided should be called Jeffrey for his many features and functions. It's like a butler car, really. One step away from Kitt. (80s/early 90s kids should know what I mean.)
Pay weekend bought on a night out on Saturday and a little shopping today. I bought a few cute things, mostly from Primark and Miss Selfridge, including a cute pinafore playsuit, a numbers tee, some cute socks, flatforms (!) and finally the pug duvet set which I am enjoying being in right now. Most of these will of course, be featured on the blog at some point in the coming month. I love shopping a little too much I think. I love the idea of having new things, and nice things, but go overboard with it.

I look forward to: Going away again on Thursday, Enjoying my time about in Portugal, and relaxing whilst the family are away on holiday (though I am meeting them out there for 5 days!)

What's your take on the weather? Glad it's finally rained?
I missed the breeze mostly, I love a cool breeze on a hot day.

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