July: 8 - 21

These Last Two Weeks: I started gearing up for days off with summer drinks, designed my holiday nails, found my ring from Tenerife, spilt tea on my cute travel outfit, had an amazing holiday with my boyfriend, saw pretty sights there, ate ice cream, took lots of photos, got the CUTEST welcome home picture from the littlest bro, was missed by Dolly dog, realised how blonde my hair got, insta-advertised the blog, wore my new perfume lots, had costa with my auntie and enjoyed my last day off! *PHEW*

Wow. So my last two weeks was the only time I've had off since Scotland earlier on in the year. I spent the whole time with my lovely boyfriend, rekindling love, enjoying time off together and generally being that couple we absolutely adore being. Unfortunately work calls, and we have to go back, but not all is bad with going away AGAIN next Thursday to Portugal for a big ol' family wedding! I'm not going to talk much about my holiday since I posted about it all HERE earlier on this week!
Before we were away I didn't do much other than sorting out holiday things and painting my nails since I destroyed them over the weekend. It was also my little sister's birthday so we went to Wimpy for dinner since she was adamant that's where she wanted to go. God knows why, but we all know we won't go back again!
After our amazing antics in the sunny island of Cyprus, being on the beach, swimming in the sea, eating all sorts and chilling in an air-con'd house we had allllll to ourselves, we came back and ended up relaxing together for the last few days we had off. We even ended up up in Peterborough, and the boyfriend bought a car! It's lovely though... I can't wait until he brings it back home. Girlfriend always claims the passenger's seat as her own :P We took a day off away from each other yesterday, and spent today getting back to normal and though disliking the reality of things, enjoyed it lots with episodes of The Zoo caught up and Top Gear.

I've had a mental and amazing last two weeks and I can't believe I've still got more to look forward to next week!
Have you done anything exciting these last two weeks? Or are you looking forward to something?

CAT xo

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