Wishlist #30

Croc Chain Purse - I've been needing a new purse for a while now. I've been using the same one since December 2011! Unless I decide to re-vamp the outside of my current one, I think I'll get this pretty one, again from Topshop since I love them so much!
Lisa Cut Out Boot - I've wanted these for quite a while and I think I've wishlisted these before. I still love them and want them so much, even though they are white! I might have to get them eventually... And in black too?
Blush Proffesional 120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette - Another item I've longed for a period of probably 2 years? I saw Pigments & Palette's using this in a tutorial once, and since then wanted it. I may have to finally get it rather than trying to purchase every colour separately!
Panda Face Bodysuit - Just too cute right!? I love this so much and I haven't got a bodysuit since my last one has stretched out to unwearable conditions. And anything with an animal on it right!?
Dog Quilt Bomber Jacket - Thus explaining this wishlisted item. With winter being back possibly next month, or whenever I will need a nice jacket to wear between the transition. I love this little dog print on it, and just seems so nice and simple as well as printed to chuck on top of lots of outfits from, casual top and jeans to pretty day dresses!
Thomas Sabo Globe Charm - This could represent about half of mine and my boyfriend's best moments together, and what we love doing. Adventures, travels and exploration of the world. We aim to do lots of travelling before we settle down one day :) It'll be lovely to have this charm to represent a shared love of travel and exploration!
L'Oreal Matt & Messy - I've started to miss the salt in my hair, though it's only been 3 days since I was last sitting on a beach. It's got an amazing look to it, and the texture is lovely! I'd love to create a more tame beach look... I've wanted this, again for a while and may have wishlisted it before. I haven't seen it in stores though. Might have to be an online purchase...
Bioderma  Sensibio H2O - BLOGGERS HYPE. I think this is one of those things I won't regret getting, and totally worth the viral YouTube/Blogger's hype we have going for it. Have you tried this yet?

I apologise for my rubbish writing. The heat isn't helping, because I can't concentrate.
And whilst finishing that sentence, getting attacked by the monster truck of all moths.... AHHHH. Gotta go.
CAT xo
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