Give A Smile - #CharityWeek

First of all I bet you're wondering what Charity Week is? This Charity Week was set up by Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Fashion, and the aim is to help raise money in our own ways. She's taken a group of us bloggers to take part in Charity Week, and set us tasks to write posts about particular set topics which last two days for the rest of the week! You could win gifts by checking out Charity Week on Elizabeth's blog so head over there now to see how you could win a some gifts!
The week starts off with giving a smile, how we've given someone a smile.
Only this week, I made someone smile. Not in a charitable way, but still for a good cause: to make someone happy. My mum in fact. She needed a little bit of cheering up, (whether she would admit it or not) after working one too many hours recently. So I decided she deserved something to make her smile, and tell her in the simplest way, "we love you, and we appreciate everything you do, and we care about you". This simply was said in bunch of flowers left in the living room for her when she got home. She didn't believe it was for her, until I told her they sincerely were and I got the biggest hug! A simple yet beautiful bunch of pretty pink flowers was enough to make her happier than I thought it would. And making her smile, made me smile. Mum are important, and sometimes we need to let them know how important they are and how much we care on ordinary days rather than just on Mother's Day, Birthdays or Christmas.
For Charity Week make someone smile too, whether it be starting with charity at home, or to a bigger cause like:
Spread A Smile who help children who are seriously ill and have to stay in hospitals for a long time. Donate to help them keep their mind away from their troubles.
Or Winston's Wish, who help children through the tough times of passing immediate family such as parents and siblings. They help these children smile, through the toughest times.
What these charities do are for the children, but they make these children's mothers and fathers happy. If someone donated money to help your child in their most desperate time of need imagine how happy you would be. This is why I've chosen these two Charities to be linked in with this post today! Click on their links to donate, even just the smallest amount... Because you could make someone smile if you did.

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