Holiday Round 2!


Hey again girls! I am off on holiday again with my boyfriend, and I'm exciting, because by the time this pops up We will already be in Portugal en route down to my family's town. It'll be a long two hour drive, but it's okay. I have lots to do and be excited about!
Sunday I have my aunt's 25th Anniversary Wedding to go to, and with over 200 guests, it's going to be an amazing day for her, as well as for everyone else! Also before that, I am going to see my little sister and dad on Saturday evening which I am excited about too, as I haven't seen them in a long long time. Apart from these two important events for me, there will be lots of family visiting, going out, and chilling, visiting the beach and all sorts, just like a holiday should be. I know I've only been back two weeks but I still feel like I need this little extra before Christmas spirit and retail's peak season starts to get into full swing!

But for now,  I have a couple scheduled posts that I hope you will enjoy. And I will be back in the UK Monday evening!