Jun - Aug: 29 - 11

These last two weeks: I cuddled up in my new duvet, flew out to Portugal, saw lots of family, including my littlest sister and my dad, bought a few cute bits out there, got back and had a girly night in, wore my new perfume, cuddled in a blanket with foxes on, ate sweets, and a AMAZING dinner made by my boyfriend and chilled out with Mickey Mouse!

So I've had a fun filled last two weeks! I'm not going to write too much about Portugal, because I'm going to do a post about it with lots of pictures. But it's definitely been a good start to the summer.
I spent a good 5 days in Portugal, where I got to chill out and see family I hadn't seen in a long time, including my little sister Maria, and my Dad which I was so happy about. Though a short trip, I was grateful for the time I had with all my family, especially as I don't see them often. But I loved every minute of it. I spent the Sunday celebrating my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary, dressed up, with a ceremony at the church and a party after of course! I was privileged enough to be ring bearer too, so I played a lovely part in the wedding ceremony. It was a great day and so many people had come, they received lots of presents, and had the prettiest yummiest cake. A day to remember!
The holiday came to an end, and next thing you know I was back home and back at work. Not all was bad, because I still had more chilled out evenings including girly nights in, movie nights with the boyfriend as well as a lovely home cooked meal cooked by the man himself. The first one in 2 and a half years! I was soooo impressed since he'd made everything from scratch. Grilled haloumi and bacon for starters, home-made burger, hand cut chips and the dessert was a sweet treat too, with french toast, icecream and strawberries. He's a better cook than he thought, and I honestly think that burger was one of the best I've ever had. And I'm not just saying.... I mean it!

I've had the busiest time, and all my holidays are over for now. I don't think I'll have another one until next year, but I've been greedy with them this year. It's all back to reality too with my parents back today and thing's will be getting back into routine from now. Including my morning runs which I've neglected since going away to Cyprus. Oops!
I'm also going to get back into my blogging routine as I've taken some time away from it. But I've got a few posts with photos taken and all ready to write up. So expect lots of lovely new posts soon!

Have you been on holiday yet? Or are you going anywhere this year?

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