Save Water - #CharityWeek

Charity Week continues and today's task is to write about Saving Water. I do a few little things to save water where I can, much these weren't born out of the 'saving water' state of mind. I make sure I've turned the tap off nice and tight when I've finished using it because I hate the sound of water droplets, but it also helps save water. A dripping tap will lose about 90 litres a week, so by having a little pet hate I guess I save 90 litres a week! That's good right? I also give the plants around my kitchen the rest of my water if I haven't finished my drink, or if I've used it just to clean vegetables. It's not going to hurt them, so it's a better use of the water that would have otherwise been poured down the drain.

I've also calculated my water footprint on the BBC website here to find out how much water I use, and where I could be saving on it. I would like to mention that there is 6 people living in my house so we use a fair bit of water. After calculating our water usage I was shocked to find out that most of our water usage comes from taking a shower, and using the toilet, which are everyday essentials.
I already shower instead of bathing because not only do I prefer it, but it saves a whole load of water especially with 5 other people fighting for the shower too. This Water Footprint Calculator also told me that, even though we are a large household, we use an average of 123 litres per day when the UK average is 155. But to explain a little less, here's a screen shot of my results:

On a more personal level I think that I don't do enough to save water where I should. Things like running the tap when I brush my teeth. I'll be investing in a small tumbler to rinse from. I've also read the BBC's A-Z of saving water to see if there is anything else I can do that I don't as well as for more tips. There isn't much I can do alone, but to turn the tap off when brushing my teeth instead of letting it run is a first.
I also liked the idea of keeping a jug of water in the fridge so you won't have to run the tap for a cold glass of water, and I also like the idea of putting ice cubes in plants when you've accidentally dropped them, so they'll melt into the compost rather than throwing them down the sink.

In Britain we're lucky enough to have a safe and clean water supply constantly running, on tap at any time of need. Other countries aren't lucky enough to have this sort of luxury we take for granted. Frank Water Projects help set up sustainable community owned clean water project to the poorest communities in India. 2 Water does a somewhat similar job in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Mozambique, creating borehole and water pump systems in an attempt to end water poverty worldwide, starting with the people who need it most. Don't forget to donate to these charities (click on the named link) if you want to help people who don't have the luxury that we have of a constant safe, and clean water flow. Even the smallest donation can help.

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