What Cat Wore: #CharityWeek

Cami, Jeans AND Shoes - Cherry Lodge Cancer Care Charity Shop

My whole outfit is from one charity shop head to toe! Looking for a cute outfit for this post, and also for a bargain I picked up this up quickly on my lunch today for under £17 in total! Not bad for an in-style cami (£3.49), a pair of Topshop skinny jeans (£3.49) and a brand new pair of heels (£9.99)! It's a perfect outfit because it's an 'all day' outfit. Just swap out flats from the day for heels in the evening!
The thing I love about charity shops is that you're always going to find, bargains, high street items gone vintage and always a hidden treasure. In this case, the whole thing is a bargain, the jeans are Topshop and the shoes I found right before I left. They're beautiful and when hoping and wishing it in my size, I saw they were labelled size 9, and my heart sank. I then realised they looked too small for a size 9, slipped it on and found out it was a true size 7! MY SIZE! It was fate: unworn and brand brand new. I was so excited, I went back to the cash desk there and then and bought them. My hidden treasure.

It's amazing that this lot cost me such a little amount of money compared to shopping full price high-street. There's so many things you can find in a variety of charity shops, and where I live there are about 7-8 charity shops dotted through the high street, all with their own bargains! I have my favourites but I've found hidden treasures in all of them. I do forget they are there and about the many things I can find. This outfit right here has made me want to charity shop some more, and I can't wait for my next rummage!
My best buys have been not only this whole outfit but also a scarf print skirt from Primark, a tunic I jazzed up with rhinestones, and a Lipsy dress I like to wear on nights out.

I think everyone should give charity shops a chance. So if you have a local charity shop, see if you can find yourself some hidden treasures too. Not only do you get something but you donate money at the same time! They've always got something different every week or so, so it's worth regular visits! My favourite ones are the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care charity shop and also All Aboard who distribute the donations to a group of charities they support including GOSH, and they always have some good things! 

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