Wishlist #32

Hey ladies! I've been away from blogging a few days, and not for any reason in particular. I just wanted some time to chill and catch up with real world things! I've had a lovely day with the boyfriend too, and now have a lovely evening to myself so I thought I could get back into my blogging routine.
I've also been attempting to NOT shop... But I can't! With the Autumn/Winter trends coming into full swing now, I'm dying with all the new colours, styles, prints and I want it alllllll!!! I'm loving both the English Heritage type trends filled with red, black white and tartan which is a print I've been loving through since Scotland in February and I'm also loving the pastel colours that Topshop are styling, and I'm obsessed. I love them both though they are on different ends of the spectrum! Though my wishlist could be HUGE with all the new things these are what I picked to be top of that humongous list of pretties...
Knitted Ribbed Crop Jumper - A cute jumper for the winter, in a pretty pastel colour and cropped to go easily with all my high waisted everythings! This is just what I need and I've been eyeing it up every time I walk past it at work... Gimmie :3
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - I find it awkward that this is under embarrassing conditions on the Boots website, but honestly... as well as to help scarring, this is really moisturising and feels great on your skin. I used it on holiday and need another bottle! :)
Revlon Lip Butters - I think it's about time I got in with the lip butters. I still haven't got one... Is that bad? I want the Provocative one but I couldn't find a picture to share it's pretty lilac colour.
Red Check Treggings - Oh yes.... I'm wanting everything in tartan again! These please! As well as a tartan skirt or two ;)
Pug Vest - With the 3 or more cat tops I have I think it's time I add some dog ones to the collection, because I am more a dog person if I'm honest. This cute pug please!?
Rottweiler Tee - I want one of these blogger faved tees too....! I think this would look awesome with my high waisted denim skirt or my Zara skort.
Rose Printed Peplum - Cute and simple...With a pair of jeggings this could be a cute date outfit... And just to add edge some Chelsea boots yes? What do you think? It's too cute not to want.
Panda Tube Skirt - OMG. My excitement when I spotted this on the Topshop website. I think I'll use my staff discount to purchase this tomorrow! I want it sooooo BAD. I don't know how I will wear it though... I'll find a way ;)
Gingham Frill Socks - I'm wanting all the frilled socks again. I only have a mere three pairs in black, khaki and mint. Some cute gingham ones like you used to wear at school would look cute with my pinafore playsuit and a cute top for that St. Trinians look eh!? My god I'm loving this new English Heritage-like trend! I'm going to be wanting it all this autumn....
Which of the new trends are you loving most?


  1. Fab wishlist, i want the panda skirt so bad and love the rottweiler shirt! xo


    1. I bought the panda skirt and returned it. Unfortunately it didn't feel right to keep and didn't look very versatile! I'm trying to be smarter with my money... I may get the rottweiler tee soon although! XO

  2. That rose print peplum top is so pretty!x