Wishlist #33

Now that all the autumn/winter trends are hitting it down in most stores, I can't help but start thinking about things for the winter. I love my brights, but with winter everything darkens a little bit. I love burgundy at the moment since it's such a bold colour and a lovely shade of red... I think I'm inspired for my next lipstick colour... Either way this is this week's wishlist varying from darks to pastels and brights!

Burgundy Duffle - I fell in love with this coat instantly. I've never liked duffle coats but I think with it's tartan trim (my tartan obsession begins again) and fur hood this could be my new winter coat to join my cow print one...! I've planned on getting this one next month when the weather kicks in :)
Pleat Front A Line Skirt - I have lots of black skirts, and I could do with some different colours for versatility, but I don't have a pleated black one. I love this one from Warehouse with it's studded design along the sides. I know studding is becoming a little "urgh" and over done now, but this is so simple it's not "urgh" and over done! I could live with this one and wear it on weekends when I don't have to wear black! ;)
Roze Burgundy Strappy Swing Dress - Something simple. This is what my wardrobe lacks... A selection of beautiful dresses in plain colours I can jazz up with printed jumpers, tops, whatevers.... I love the look of this fit too... so casual, yet dressy and comfy!
Red Tartan Midi Skirt - Tartan print. Enough said.
YSL Eyeshadow Palette Chromatic Downtown -  OMG. I can't remember where I saw this first but if someone got me this for Christmas or something I would be so happy! I love the colours and the look created with it in their campaign posters...! I need this small but expensive palette in my life.
Ted Baker BALBARA Oil Painting Matinee Purse - Also another need in life! I really really wanted the one with the doggy clip, but I can't find them anywhere :( boo. But this one is uber cute too with it's oil painting design and the little doggies on the inside. It has everything I'm looking for in a purse too! This would last me until it's dying days... a bit like my current one... almost 2 years old. DAYUM... I need a new one FAST! This please!
Boo Floral Trapeze Dress - Missguided said this is a blogger's loved product and I can see why! It's smock style is cute, and comfy and I love the pastel print I'm not sure I'd suit it but I'd damn well try to!

There were a few other things on my wishlist this week like this Satchel and this Knitted Sleeve Jacket I ALMOST bought today and wish I had....I haven't got a lightweight jacket dammit... >.<

What's on your wishlist preparing for the winter season??

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