Aug - Sept: 26 - 1

This week has been mainly about my weekend! I've had a busy one and I'm shattered, yet I'm still here writing this rather than going to bed. Yet, I am about to tell you about my adventures for the week.
So earlier on in the week I was taking part in a blogging #charityweek ran by Elizabeth. She had three tasks for three different posts, and I was lucky enough to win the first and third challenge! I enjoyed being a part of this and winning the challenged did make me feel good, but I also learnt a few things about myself and being charitable. I've been more aware of it since, and I think it's a good thing because being charitable and charity comes in many ways, shapes and forms, from it starting at home to small gestures, donations and so on... I think you should take a read if you find this at all intriguing!
The rest of the main week I spent working my butt off, and playing with my daily make up, some people would think  I'm going out for an evening the way I wear my make up even to work sometimes! Did you see my Anna Sui inspired look on instagram?
This weekend it was my uncle's birthday so I've spent most of it celebrating it with him! We went to the casino Saturday night, ate in and played roulette. I did lose a little but it's always fun to play with a small amount of money! I also got to debut my check trousers which I found hard to style smart. I found it easier finding casual outfits for it, so I'm pretty happy that I've got more ways to wear it during the day, and for dates, etc.
Today we spent the day at Whipsnade Zoo! My uncle has never been to the zoo so for his 34th I thought it was an experience I could gift him with. So me, all my siblings and my cousin took him there and we had a great day out! We saw most of the animals, and watched the infamous Sea Lion show, had a close Zebra encounter and petted horses and bunnies at the Children's Farm. Pfft... It should just be a farm, I think I enjoyed it more than the little ones did! My uncle enjoyed himself lots, and we arrived home pretty shattered by the end of it. I ended up popping out again to see John, who unfortunately was left behind working for this adventure which I felt bad about :( But he was happy watching Arsenal win today!
I also got a Elephant Sock Creature to make later on this week but I found myself making it tonight and I have a little Elephant Sock now which I happily named Ella! I'll be doing a post on the kit soon, since I took a few photos for you girls :) I kind of want a few of the other kits now I've seen them online... They're just too cute! I think I want the 'Socktopus' and the Love Monkeys next!
I am off to sleep now, I don't think I'll start to make sense soon, and I have a possible busy week of work ahead... But I am looking forward to kids going back to school because I get home from work and they're asleep, meaning more me time!
Is this an mean thing to be looking forward to? Haha!

CAT xo

p.s. I apologise for any bad grammar or any misspelling. I'm tired and I haven't proof read. #Soz.

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