My September

As some of you may have noticed, my weekly updates have disappeared over the last two weeks or so. I decided that it was taking up a lot of my time posting them and sometimes even having no content for them so I settled for doing monthlies now! That way I can tell you about my monthly highlights rather than the boring and repeated, "I watched Netflix today and ate another take-away" that you probably don't want or need to know.
Either way, it also gives me more days to give you real posts like beauty reviews and outfit posts! Do we like this idea? I do. So onwards with my month!

As a round-up I've done quite a lot this month. Right at the beginning I took my Uncle to the Zoo for his birthday and we saw all the animals! The weather was perfect, so we had a lovely day out. You can read all about it and see the photos I took in this post.
The in-between bit of the month is always a bit laid back, so after a little weekend shop of socks and new monochrome trousers, it was all chilling from there, from blogging to playing with henna. My sister also ended up in A&E with a seriously sprained ankle, so we spent a Saturday evening in there. Luckily she's okay now, but still a little limpy! The next day, me and my older brother went to Kensington to a Portuguese Cafe to buy cakes for my mum as a surprise since it was her birthday and they are her favourites. We sat down for a cheeky one ourselves before hitting the London traffic again! It was a long journey but it was okay for me as I was all hyped up on the coffee from then on!
The boyfriend treated me to a few things this month (the sweetheart)! He bought me the Final Fantasy X game on PS2 so I could finally see what it's all about, We'd been going on about me playing it for ages so he took action for me to get started. Anyone who really knows me knows I like a little fantasy and that I'm a geek with my computer and playstation games at heart. Don't ask me to play Call Of Duty though because I absolutely suck at that. So I've been sucking myself into the world of Final Fantasy X for at least 2 weeks now. He also bought me the longest charger in the world! It reaches the top of my bed from the plug at the end of my bed... Totally amazed! Now I can have my phone next to me as I sleep!
Towards the end of the month I had to visit Enfield for work and I got to wear normal clothes and I treated myself to a nice slice of Red Velvet cake and a Mocha Latte at Caffe Nero. The highlight was wearing normal clothes for more than just the weekend! I also went to the Waffle House in St Albans with the boyfriend and wasn't too impressed with the waffles. They were like those ones you put in the toaster? If anyone has been there before they weren't like that before were they because I remember them being hot and amazing. But we did sit outside, enjoy the atmosphere and drink a cracking pot of tea together! It was lovely, and a change to our usual Sunday business.

All in all my September was quite a busy one at times. It's of course mostly at the weekend but I've almost always had something going on. I'm looking forward to this month, as I haven't got much planned to happen. This sounds weird but I've been doing a lot recently and it takes it out of you! And to me it means I can get back into my own things a little more, like my gaming and my drawing as well as blogging a lot more. I've got lots of posts lined up this week! There may be one everyday... Be excited!

How has your month treated you? Did you do anything fun and different?

CAT xo

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