Sept: 2 - 8

This week has been pretty basic. I haven't had much going on and unfortunately my weekend plans got cancelled so I didn't have anything exciting going on. I did although go out for a mooch around the shops today and bought my mum's birthday present for next weekend. After my little mooch, I went and saw the boyfriend, and instead of going out for dinner, we stayed in and ate a cheaper and healthier meal. Dinner was roast chicken and egg fried rice and though plain and simple was really tasty and quite filling! We did although, pig out a little on those new Trifle Bakewells, which taste amazing...
I've rekindled my love for painting nails this week, painting my nails something different every other day. I find painting my nails really therapeutic and in a strange way I feel a sense of achievement when I've finished. At the moment I'm waiting for a cute new pink colour to dry, before adding a little glitter on a couple of nails to accent it... I'm going to try do a few more nail posts to share the designs I create. I've been following nail posts by the likes of The Nailasaurus and One Nail To Rule Them All for inspiration and ideas on my next nail design. Check them out, they're amazing blogs!
Lastly, I want to share something I found bizarre. Going into Tesco also for the first time in a while I noticed the seasonal isle. I'd expect Halloween... But no. We're months ahead again with Christmas isles ready to be shopped. I think it's a little bit crazy that Tesco are preparing 3 months in advance for Christmas... That's a quarter of a year people! Am I the only one astounded by that?

This week I'm looking forward to spending more time with John, and having a little more me time. I'm also trying to get back into my art, which I'm finding quite difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting inspired to draw again?

I like sharing about my week, and hearing about yours too. Have you done anything nice this week?

CAT xo

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