Wishlist #37

I haven't touched my laptop for over 2 days now, and I'm not too sure what happened there! Yet, I am back with a pretty wish list for you gals to gawk over! I've been eyeing up more versatile pieces and things I will wear more often than not. I don't know if that shows through in my wishlists but I hope it does. I'm hoping to have a clear out soon! Would you like to see a blog sale!? Let me know below!

Blank NYC Night Bloom Pants - I've been a very naughty girl and have only recently discovered the amazing website Nasty Gal. They have some amazing stuff and the sale!? To die for... I may have to buy a few bits before they go. But as for these trousers. OMG, I love them, they're cool, they're formal, and floral! They remind me of the H&M floral ones I have now... But better.
Wanted Confessions Skirt - Another Nasty Gal item! I used to have a skirt like this but it unfortunately got ruined. I'd wear this skirt all the time, and though I'm not a fan of black clothing. I need this in my life!
Black Faux Fur Collar Open Jacket - I am looking into maybe purchasing my second winter coat. Something more formal, with a little fur and this looks perfect! I was thinking more of a duffle of some sort but I don't think I'd suit it very well. I like the look of this one, very very much. Someone get it for me please?
Grey Abstract Print Knot Front Tube Dress - I've recently bought a dress in this style and love it so much I can't stop looking at others. I love this RI one. I think the print would be really flattering and pretty!
Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott | License Plate Miami - In my life I've never had a pair of amazing trainers. Right now I own a pair of running ones, and a pair that are my smarter ones. But I don't love them anymore. I need something beautiful like these Adidas ones that I'd wear all the time and cherish soooo much! I need these so badly! Look how pastel and pretty they are!
I'm Really A Mermaid Sleeveless T-Shirt -  What you didn't know before about me is that this is true. And to have it written on a T-Shirt seems a perfect way to confess. (jks, ofc. #wishes)
Black Flat Smart Ankle Boots - Everytime I walk past these at work I look at them and want them. When will be the day I cave? I think they're perfect smart to casual boots. They'd go with every outfit and they are the perfect addition to my staple wardrobe! I think I have to honestly deserve them before I buy them, since I'm attempting to spend the least amount possible at the moment.
CAT xo


  1. Yes, I love blog sales! I love the night bloom pants and the ankle boots, they are gorgeous, I can see myself wearing both :)


    1. I may be doing one very soon! :) I'll post it on twitter when I do!
      The boots are my faves on this wishlist! XO

  2. I bought those ankle boots a couple of weeks ago! There was something like 25% off so i thought they were a bit of a bargain. Absolutely love that coat with the fur, so nice!
    zozeze.com x

    1. Did you!? Are they worth it!? I keep looking at them at work and I want them really badly... XO

  3. oh my god. I'm in love with those addidas originals!! x


    1. The adidas' are cute aren't they? I used to be a pure trainers girl so I still have a soft touch for a pretty pair like these. XO