Wishlist #38

Surprisingly this weeks wishlist is quite small compared to the ones I've been creating recently. I think now it's that I've wanted them to be more specific, and that I have to really want them for items to make it onto my wishlists. That was the initial concept, so I'm going back to it. 
I really want all the things on this wishlist this time and have been thinking of the ways I will acquire them. I've become a bit more sensible about the things that I want. Will I need them, use them, wear them? How much do I want them? Like these... All I've thought of again after seeing them online, or in stores. That's how I know I want them for real.

iPhone 5S in Gold - The new iPhone 5S has been released and I'm loving the additonal gold colour. It looks more champagne than gold, but I said my next iPhone would be white, but as long as we're getting a little classier with colours, I guess a white and gold one would be extravagant! January upgrade come quick please!
iPhone 5 Faux Fur Case - And to go with this new phone, something cute and cuddly! I know this is really out there, but imagine holding something all cute, fluffy and potentially warm in the winter when you're on the phone, texting or tweeting!? LOVE this.
Plated Holdall - I saw this in store not too long ago and it's the perfect follow up bag from my now wearing down Warehouse one. I've been using my Warehouse Tote bag for most of the year, since Christmas actually. I used my pink satchel for a little while during the summer months for something a little easier to carry but I reverted back to my Warehouse bag when I started really missing it. But this one, is a beautiful colour and just perfect for when I want to swap over! Who wants to buy me it?
White Crepe Heart Print Shirt - Oh, doesn't this remind you of that one Topshop had not long ago. I don't know if it's still availabe but at their price I wouldn't buy it full price. This one is a lot cheaper from Fashion Union and just as cute if not almost the same!
Sheer Flowers Tee - How lovely is this!? I know it's the winter soon but I can imagine having a cute string vest or even a t-shirt tee under this with my boyfriend jeans, a comfy cardigan and some cute heels. Outfit complete...

I think the Holdall is top on my wishlist this week. What's top on yours?

CAT xo


  1. Love the last t-shirt, it would look lovely with a plain white t-shirt underneath :) so lovely!