Wishlist #39

Wool Lined Biker Coat - In searched for my winter coat this year, I think I narrowed it down to a biker coat, since it's quite like a boyfriend coat with some great detail. I love this pink one with wool lined on the inside that I saw on the Topshop website, but I'd quite like to see it in person to see if I'd really like it. I love the pink colour but would it be too bold? Would I really love it? I'm not sure, but I'd definitely want to find out, since it's gorgeous!
Fur Collar Textured Biker Jacket - This black one is vs. The pink one! I saw this one at a Topshop nearby and I think it's beautiful. I love the texture and I love the fur. I'm swaying more towards this one (it's also a lot cheaper). I should have tried it on, but I just love it anyway. The only thing putting me off is that it's black... I hate this thing I have for not wanting to buy black :(
Liz Earle Eye Bright - I saw this on someone's Instagram and they said it was a life saver! Now I want to try it. Have any of you tried it, and what's your thoughts?
Origins Clear Improvement Mask - Lily Melrose is good an influencing people without knowing it and has probably popped it into many of our heads to get this! She's reviewed it and put it in her favourite's videos and I know I want to try it now. The only thing putting me off is the price.
Steel Cap Litas - How nice are these!? I was looking around to see if there were any normal black with the wooden heel Litas but I came across these and quite like them. It's sort of what I'm looking for... With a metal steel cap at the front. Love.
Barry M, Royal Textured, White Pearl - Again, hyped by bloggers I really want this colour in the Royal Textured collection! It's reminds me of snow and winter. I'd love this for a winter polish.
Barry M Classic Matte, Black Espresso - Another Barry M hyped by bloggers is their new Matte collection. I would want the black one most so I can play around with the idea of designing chalk board nails. Plus I also think it would make a lovely winter colour too!
Blog Inc - I've wanted this book for a while but I don't know what's putting me off buying it. I think I'd need to visit a Waterstones to see it wouldn't I? Have you read this yet? Would you recommend it?

BTW! I'm planning to do a blog giveaway soon too! So keep blogged on if you want to enter a cute little giveaway and, it should be up by the end of next week! :)

CAT xo


  1. I've read blog inc and would recommend it- it explains all things blogging really well :)

    1. I may have to buy it now! Everyone keeps saying how great it is! XO

  2. Are you trying to tempt me into buying more Origins goodies, Cat? :P