Winter with a Bang

With the winter coming up very quickly, and the weather taking a turn for the colder this week, it seemed to be the perfect time for a hair change. My caramel highlights got lighter and lighter over the summer from the sun, and my roots were outgrown by about two inches! With my significantly darker hair underneath it wasn't a good look, and after a little visit to my mum's friend who's a hairdresser I came away with this brand new look:

Bowler Hat - eBay

I didn't realise how different I would look and though I've had this hair cut a couple of days now I'm still not used to it! I've received so many lovely compliments from people about my new hair make-over and how much it suits me. Some people didn't even recognise me at work!
I opted for a rich dark chocolate colour and a nice full fringe to keep my little head warm! I haven't had a fringe for about four years now, so it's a weird feeling but I'm so glad I got it done, because I was indecisive about it at first. I'd been also juggling the idea of going darker or lighter for a month but I knew that going lighter wouldn't work with my skin tone so returning back to my dark brunette colour was the perfect choice. The colour is just perfect and with my highlights from the previous colour underneath, my hair looks multi-tonal in the light which I love. I'm so happy with the outcome and it's so much better than anything I could of done with an at home kit!

I feel right on trend with my new hair! I know it's probably not what's on trend but I do really think it suits me perfectly. I'm still not sure how to photograph myself, because I think I look weird in most photos, and after looking like Miss Vain taking hundreds today, I stuck with one I posted on Instagram yesterday with my newest hat I got it from eBay for a few quid . I LOVE it, and think my new hair makes me suit hats great! I may be a little bit late with the bowler hat trend, but whatevs. I may have a new obsession.

CAT xo


  1. No wonder you have so many lovely comments it really suits you :)

  2. A fringe really suits you! I got my fringe cut in about a year and a half ago after getting bored of my old haircut and I haven't looked back!

    And there's definitely nothing wrong with a bit of bowler hat obsession.


  3. LOVE this look - really suits you! Love the colour of your hair aswell :)
    Sarah xx

  4. You look great with fringe. It really suits you!
    Great blog, would you like to follow each other?
    I'm a new follower on bloglovin, waiting for your turn ;)

  5. Love your new hair babe, so gorgeous xx