Wishlist #40

After shopping this week for a new pair of glasses, I ended up buying two on a buy one get one free deal at Specsavers, so I'm not wishing for too much this week after spending a little! In fact not too much for the rest of the month! I did although spot three pretty dresses that I fell for this week that I will add on to the endless wishlist...

Ofelita Velvet Skater Dress - I love a simple dress, and this velvet dress in a royal blue is perfect this season! So many ways to wear it as a dress made for winter. I'm thinking tights, a pair of out there boots and a coat with a fur stole swung over for a date night out look.
Gabey Rose Embellished Swing Dress - Ooooooh. Isn't this one just the prettiest sparkly one of them all!? I spotted this one of them all first, and fell in love with it being a swing dress and completely embellished. I'm not an owner of a swing dress yet but I really do want one. Maybe not as loud as this yet, but it could bring me to buy this later on as a Christmas party dress!
Floral Velvet Body Con Dress - After seeing this when it popped in stores this week I instantly fell in love with it. It's so much more vivid in colour and print than in the picture and it's no doubt I need it in my life! Such a pretty dress... Will someone buy it for me please? Or all three???

I couldn't pick which one out of the three though... If you had to get one. Which one would you pick?

CAT xo


  1. If it had to be one the velvet skater dress- I just love velvet for christmas time :)

  2. Ooooh I'm dying to add some velvet pieces to my wardrobe!
    That floral dress is so sweet too!