Wishlist #42

Knee High Slouchy Boots - I don't know where the sudden want for these came from... But I have always wanted a pair of these. I think for the winter they'd look nice with a skater dress or skirt outfit, and with jeans for a casual day. Am I being totally unfashionable for wanting these?
Tartan Crop Top - I still haven't added a little tartan to my life. I'm not understanding why I haven't but no, I still haven't invested. I love this crop top to go with my pleather skirt and my bowler hat!
Hidden Bloom Skater Skirt - I need a few more skirts, I realised the other day I have no skirt variation but the few favourites and some ones I wonder when I liked. I think I've spent too much on trousers I'm hardly going to wear. I love this skirt from Nasty Gal! The colours are different to what I'd normally go for, but it's cute and has a pretty floral-camo print. I think it'd look great with a cute white top or jumper!
Acid Wash Denim Shift Dress - After seeing a few people wearing the denim dress around recently I really want one and I'm a bit worried about looking weird in one. I hadn't seen one I'd liked until I browsed the Missguided website and found this cute shift dress there. It looks oversized and like it would look good with a belt too. What do you think?
Sleek Face Contour Kit - I haven't invested in a decent contour kit yet and with a nearby Superdrug now stocking Sleek make-up I'm excited to add a little Sleek to my collection! Especially a contour kit like this one as well as a few of their pretty blushers and eye shadow palettes!
Gold Bones Leggings - With Halloween due in a couple of weeks I'm having to think of an outfit to wear to work for it since we're dressing up. I want something fashionable yet spooky! Has anyone got any ideas they'd like to share?
Lilac Fluffy Pocket Cardi - I neeeed this. Not just because it's lilac but because I love the fluffy knit and I need a cardigan that's long, not white and not black. This one. Or a pink one please? And maybe a few short cardis while we're at it for the winter...
What are you adding to your wishlist this week?
CAT xo

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  1. The sleek contour kit is amaaaaaazing! I use it every single day :D Love those boots!


    Sade XO