Charity Week Gift Box

Back in August, Elizabeth who blogs at invited me to take part in Charity Week. All we had to do was blog about specific themes given that would last for a couple of days and link it towards a worthy and related charity. I was so happy to have won two of her themes: 'Give a Smile' and 'Charity Shops'. For that she sent me these gifts below! You can see all my Charity Week posts HERE and to see what Elizabeth sent me, read on...!

Before even looking at the gifts I noticed the beautiful cards inside written in the prettiest italic hand, thanking me for my participation in Charity Week and congratulating me for winning the two themes, ''Give A Smile' and 'Charity Shops'. She also sent me free banner space for 3 months on her blog which I hope to be redeeming soon!

With the little cards, she gifted me with all these pretty things inside, my most favourite being the face masks as I love trying out new ones. They're strawberry and vanilla scented so I'll be very excited to try them out as soon as I can! As well as the face masks she sent me two lovely lip balms which smell and taste great, a pumice stone which will come in very handy (as I had been meaning to buy one!). And last but not least the prettiest pastel coloured caviar nails set that I used only yesterday and instagrammed a picture.

I think it was really sweet of Elizabeth to send me such pretty gifts and I thanked her very much for them. I can't wait to enjoy them all. I didn't expect any gifts from participating in Charity Week and was just happy to be a part of it and be enthusiastic about her project, since it was such a lovely idea and because I'd love someone to be the same about a project if I created one in the future. Again, thank you Elizabeth and if you'd like to follow her blog, just click her link here: and follow her on twitter here! :)

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