My October

My highlight of the month is definitely getting my hair cut in finally! Since my last hair cut, it'd grown out quite a lot and my roots were showing pretty bad so it was definitely needed, and I ended up getting my hair dyed dark for the winter and the blunt fringe I'd been unsure about cut in. I'm glad I did it and I love my hair, but I am sorely missing my highlights... It may have to be re-highlighted again at some point.
My month  has been mostly thinking about the preparation for Christmas and the week off I have next week. The boyfriend and I have booked a lovely caravan in Kent for a few nights and plan a Christmas shopping trip in between. It seems to be the only thing anyone thinks about from October onwards, and we are no exception. We'd been missing a lot of time to ourselves, which is why we booked the caravan and plan to have a relaxing getaway before the stress of Christmas and peak season at work! Well planned I think.
We also had a spooky last week of October, getting dressed up for a Halloween party last weekend. I dressed up as a Psycho Girl (outfit post here) and he was The Joker. And a good one he was! I also got to dress up again for work, and went as a Skeleton Girl (outfit post here). A lot of people made a good effort to get dressed and it was all in the spirit of Halloween. I do love Halloween for the dressing up factor... Who doesn't like fancy dress!?
John and I also got into a new TV series we're just almost obsessed with! And it may be over for a lot of you, but with Netflix, we're getting into Breaking Bad. No spoilers please, but we're into the third series now and we're loving it. We're going to buy the DVDs so we can watch it whilst we're away too. So if it's raining, at least we have a lovely warm caravan to chill in!
Lastly I also recieved the loveliest package from Elizabeth who blogs at! These were gifts from the Charity Week posts, and I'm excited to try them all out. I'll be writing a little blog post about them too. Would you like that?
My month hasn't been much more exciting otherwise, I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months since there is so much going on. It's all the Christmas spirit and excitement that gets me! :)
Are you looking forward to Christmas too?

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  1. Looks like you've had a super busy month! I hope you enjoy your few days away. I love your hair in the top right picture. Did you do it yourself? xx