Wishlist #44

Yes I may have just created my Christmas Wishlist but there's always things they release once you've made it to add on to it. This week I'm definitely adding the tartan treggings and the purse to my wishlist. Those are my most wanted this week. What's yours?

Velvet Disco Pants - Velvet is back in this season, and I want to add a little something to my wardrobe that is more versatile for the winter season. After I saw these beautiful disco pants on Missguided I knew I would have to get them. I'm now planning to next pay day... I know we've just had one but it's my present shopping month now.
Tartan Treggings - I ALMOST bought these today after I'd been keeping an eye on them since I'd spotted them on the Topshop delivery. I went to get a pair today and they didn't have my size! It was so typical... Maybe a sign? Or maybe I need to hunt them down.... Hmmmm.
Teddy Coat - Also on this week's Topshop deliveries I spotted these beautiful Teddy Coats! I love it in the black and the blue but this pink one would be so cute for girly winter outfits. I don't know how bad I want one yet as I'm yet to try one on, but I would love to be snug in this on a snowy day out! It looks so comfy and warm.
Panda Jumper - I don't usually shop Urban Outfitters because I never find anything I like that isn't an accessory or household object. Though I did see this jumper online when I was googled for a panda jumper. This one is adorable with the roly poly pandas and fairisle sleeves don't you think?
Dogtooth Shorts - Ooooh. These are just cute! I've always loved the dogtooth print and these look like the comfiest of all high waisted shorts. I'm hoping to spot them in my local River Island on Sunday to try them on. They're a bargain at £18! What do you think?
Black & White Fur Collar - I've finally decided I need a collar to go over some of my outfits. I don't have anything at the moment to wear one with... But doesn't that make it a good excuse to buy a coat or something to go with it? I think a black and white one like this one would go with almost all outfits.
Ted Baker TITIANA Purse - THIS is the purse of my dreams. I didn't think I'd ever find it... But thus it is here... A beautiful pastel pink purse with the most beautiful clasp and a lime green interior... It's just beautiful. My two most favourite colours together, from a designer brand, and lined inside with a cute doggy print. This purse, I believe is PERFECT.

CAT xo

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