Christmas Party Nails: Essie Sleek Stick - 04 Love To Love You

When it comes to nail wraps I'm completely new to them. I dislike them because for something you use once, they are quite expensive. Thus, I still bought a set from Avon for my work's Christmas Party but forgot about them and ended up buying these ones from Essie.

As you can see, I'm not very good at applying them and maybe should have watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube about how to apply them perfectly, but I was in so much of a rush I just did what I thought was right. The worded print and the monochrome was what really caught my attention and got me to buy this. I'd seen them before and wanted them, but didn't know when I'd use them. And with a valid reason, they came home with me.
I think the finished result was good, but if I'd spent more time and done them properly, I think they could have looked perfect. I did get compliments on my nails and they stood out like I wanted them to, so all in all I was moderately impressed with the final result.
That said: I can say instantly that nail wraps are a one night type deal for me. I can't stand all the fiddling, close call and easily made mistakes. I did also find that these ones were too narrow for my wide nail beds, so I wasn't too impressed with this. But improvised with layering another wrap to the sides, it is only noticeable if you look for it.
If you're looking for some out there nail art or something a little different then I definitely recommend these, because they're pretty, different and they're just look amazing when applied correctly. I can't say I didn't love them, because I did! The only thing, was that I found too many downfalls for myself to justify saying I would buy them again in a heartbeat. The prints and colours they do for all nail wraps - not just Essie ones are amazing, and they do the job perfectly, but for the price, the fiddling and the one time use I don't think they're for me. But definitely good for a little something different at a party or a day out. I still have my nail wraps from Avon to use, which I'm planning to use for New Year's, so maybe I can give them another chance... What do you think? Are nail wraps a yay or a nay?

CAT xo

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