My Currys PC World Blogger Gift Guide!

Christmas is finally well and truly on it's way with less than a month until the day. Of course, we're all trying to find the perfect presents for our loved ones, and after being notified about the Currys PC World Blogger Gift Guide Challenge I gladly accepted!
Currys PC World have the best gift guide to find the perfect tech gift for anyone from Foodies to Kids. It's great help to get ideas for gifts from a special present to a stocking filler. I've tailor made this gift guide to my family, and what I'd buy if I had all the money in the world to spend at Currys! I hope you take some sort of inspiration back from this...

For Mum: Mum likes to cook, especially bake and with fancy gadgets she really gets a going! And I know for sure she'd love this Artisian Mixer in Cream to go lovely in her kitchen and make cakes upon cakes as well as breads and more!

For Dad: Dad likes music! And I this is the man who can spend 6 hours in HMV at one time, as he has done many times on our trips to Oxford Street on Boxing Day. I'd love to be able to update him to a new iPod Touch as he likes to carry his collection with him from home to work.

For The Siblings: I have 3 siblings at home and as different as they are, and with us all aged between 8 to 24, I thought about a very possible all ages, all round gift for any sibling! We all love a game, so updating the old Wii to a new one with the Wii U would create hours of endless fun.

For The Boyfriend: I know the boyfriend would LOVE the new PS4 so of course this is on the gift guide. I wish wish wish I could afford this for him this year, but I may have to wait a little bit before I can gift it to him. It's the perfect present for the man, and this man will love you forever if you gave him one of these!

For Me!: I can't forget myself, but I have given myself the cheapest item on the guide (besides stocking fillers). I have always wanted a Polaroid Camera for those special moments. I'm a soppy gal, so I hold on to special moments, and I like the idea of them being captured and non-erasable like they used to be back in the day of film rolls. One of these please?

Stocking Fillers: Everyone loves a stocking filler, and a tech one is always going to be a winner. For the boys, how about a little speaker so they can bang out their tunes as and when they'd like. And for us girls, we get cold... So how about a pair of ear muffs with integrated headphones? We'd all love a pair wouldn't we!?

I hope you liked my gift guide and may have helped a few of you! How about you take the challenge too. There's a super-sweet laptop to win at the end of it... And if you do enter good luck! :) #bloggergiftguide

CAT xo

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