My November

This month seems to have disappeared right before my very eyes! It seems that on the days up to Christmas time just seems to speed up with everyone beginning their Christmas shop, and things starting to get all happy, jolly and Christmassy! I'm not going to lie, I loveeeee it. But I wish it would go a lot slower, so I could enjoy it a lot better :)

Earlier on in the month I had my last week off work for the year. To spend a little time together before all the Christmas stuff began me and the boyfriend booked a caravan for the week. We had such a lovely time and you can read all about our adventure HERE! We did a little Christmas shopping, we chilled out a lot, ate yummy food and we just really enjoyed having just each other as company! It was a pick me up before all the crazy would begin!
After a lovely week at the beginning of the month, it all started to be about Christmas shopping and what not so I've started my shop already and I'm pretty much half way done! I have my mum, dad and brother left to get for and a few extras for the boyfriend too. I'm so happy that I've started early this year, it just lifts a weight off the shoulders and means I can enjoy Christmas properly without the worry of presents left to get!
In the Christmas spirit, John surprised me last weekend with a trip to Winter Wonderland where we enjoyed the best sandwich ever, The Magical Ice Kingdom and all the pretty sights, stalls and spirit of Christmas at Hyde Park. It was such a lovely surprise and we really enjoyed ourselves! The highlight was The Magical Ice Kindgdom, which you can read all about HERE!
It's been a lovely month, with a lot of happenings for John and I. We're really excited about our third Christmas together, and now that the month's come to an end and December is here, it's advent calendars, tree decorating and completing the Christmas shop! I'm so excited for the month to come, and I'm sure you girls are too!
I'm mostly looking forward to giving out Christmas presents this year, what are you most looking forward to?

CAT xo

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  1. Loving all those pictures! The surprise trip to Winter Wonderland sounds amazing!! And I'm like you - the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is giving out pressies :D x

    Anna xo