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Hello ladies, how have you all been doing? Just thought I'd do a quick life update since things haven't been blogging a lot recently and I've been a bit 'afk' on social networks for a while.

So this week has been my busiest week yet! I just finished all my Christmas shopping on Thursday, and just finished wrapping it about 10 minutes before writing this post! I think I'm all set for Christmas though I keep wondering if there is anyone I have forgotten... I'm sure there isn't but I even sent gifts out to Portugal so I'm a little more concious that there may be a member of family that doesn't get something from me this year.

I also turned 24 on Friday too! It was a nice day, even though I did have to work. I worked most of the day but spent the evening with a curry and my boyfriend treating me to some gorgeous presents! I also had the treat of having a birthday cake at work and some lovely presents from the family as well, including a hair cut I had on Saturday morning!
Yesterday I had the work Christmas party which I have to say was pretty good! We had a 3 course meal (which I wouldn't rate too highly), drinks, dancing and secret santa; and with everyone all dressed up it was a lovely evening. I intended to take outfit photos, but where I was in such a rush to get ready I didn't have the time to, and literally left two minutes after applying my second eyelash and jumping into a pair of tights!

I've also been really busy at work doing early days as well as late days and running a bunch of errands in between, including car MOT and all sorts. I have a super early start tomorrow, but I will be home quite early for it. I plan to do a LOT of blog post prepping tomorrow since I have a load of things I want to write about and review including, my new hair cut and the inspiration behind it, new tried and loved products, presents and more. I also want to get back into outfit posts too, but it's been difficult when there's not a blank wall inside in sight, and it won't stop constantly raining!

I will get back on track and after I finish work tomorrow I'm off until Boxing Day so I'm sure I'll be catching up on some serious blogging, and then on after.
It's been mental but I think it'll all be worth it in the end. I'm so overly excited over Christmas I think I might pop on the day! I can't wait to hand out all my presents... What are you looking forward to most over Christmas?

CAT xo

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  1. Happy Birthday for Friday :) & have a lovely christmas! :)