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I'd been looking for a fun season themed tag and after reading Sarah from Those Stars That Shine's Winterlicious Tag, I really wanted to do it! I enjoyed reading hers and found out we share a few winter favourites, including favourite accessory and winter beverage. Read on to find out more about my winter favourites!

1. Favourite winter nail polish?
At the moment I'm really loving my Barry M Gold Foil Effects Nail Paint! It's simple and looks good all on it's own. I'm also missing my Barry M Red Glitter as mine dried out, but will be repurchasing again as it's a perfect red polish for the Christmas season. I also love lilacs and powder blues for winter pastel themed nails!
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2. Favourite winter lip product?
I'm absolutely loving my Maybelline Babylips in Hydrate. In the winter you need something to stop your lips chapping, and this year I love this. I'm also swapping out for my EOS Tangerine lip balm for a little flavour!
As for lipsticks, anything red or dark is perfect for a classic winter look. I really want a dark red at the moment like MAC's Divine Night Lipstick in Prepare for Pleasure. Currently I wear Seventeen's Stay Pout in Rule Breaker.

3. Most worn winter clothing piece?
At the moment it's a mix between my tartan treggings from Topshop or my red fluffy jumper from Primark. I've worn these both this weekend and I'm always excited to wear them again with different things. I've found so many ways to wear my treggings and they're super comfortable so they've been an undeniable favourite. I've also enjoyed slouching around in my red fluffy jumper just because it makes days a little bit comfier and brighter! There's always comfort in your favourite or newest jumper, and this being so fluffy and so comfy it's perfect for dressing up and down.

4. Most worn winter accessory?
This would have to be between my lilac and red tartan scarf I bought in Scotland earlier on in the year. These are my two most favourite scarves and I want another one in navy and another in a dark green to go with all my outfits. I try to wear them with every outfit and to warm me up on my travels to work. Truly my most favourite winter pieces...
street coat girl heels red hair - Recherche Google

5. Favourite winter scent/candle?
This is a hard question because I don't really have a particular one as of yet. I am currently enjoying a Yankee Candle Sampler Votive in Cranberry! I'd love to try Yankee Candles in: Merry Marshmallow, Season of Peace and Christmas Rose.

6. Favourite winter beverage?
I loooove Costa's drinks. I'm especially a fan of all their hot chocolates. Depending on my mood it's either Black Forest Hot Chocolate or White Hot Chocolate!

7. All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
I love Elf! I love it for Will Ferrell, Zoey Deschanel and general humour. It's probably the best modern Christmas film yet.! I also love the Home Alone films and I recently watched Naughty or Nice and I thought that was a good  too.

8. Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
At the moment at work I'm singing along to The Spice Girls - Two Become One! But all time favourite song I think would be Baby It's Cold Outside by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer; Classic and simple!
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9. Favourite holiday food/treat?
Oooh. Mince Pies! How can you say no to one of those? I've already had about 5 or 6 since they started selling them... Naughty me, but who isn't naughty at Christmas ay?

10. What is your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
When John took me to Winter Wonderland we bought two cute little decorations for the tree. They're made of china and they're just adorable: one for me and one for him. His is a little Santa holding a present and mine is an Angel holding a star. The cute thing is, is they go with our tree theme and they hold a little memory of a perfect wintry date night.

11. What's at the top of your wishlist?
Right at the top of my wishlist is probably a Ted Baker purse (one like this or this). I've had my current purse for two years and I've completely destroyed it. It's also time I got a little classier so it would look lovely with a new bag. *hint hint*
Also near the top is a Moschino Agostino or Violetta case and the River Island Mongolian Fur Tote! Notice they're all Accessory related... Whoops!

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Oh I haven't got that many plans really. I unfortunately have to work most of the holidays but I have a couple of things planned in for the weekend. I have Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason with my parents and boyfriend after Christmas, and also a planned shopping trip to Bicester Village to finally make a Ralph Lauren shirt mine, as well as a few other high fashion bargains! I also have a little New Year's Eve thing with the boyfriend to celebrate 3 years together. I can't wait for those things.
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I love this time of year, it truly is my favourite. I get to buy all my favourite people things and I also get to do lots of things with my family which I don't normally get to do. Doing this tag's really got me excited for it. I tag you all do to it too and get excited for the Christmas season with me!

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babylips image: instagram - @CatttSays

CAT xo

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  1. ohhh this is such a lovely tag, i'm definitely going to do it myself soon!
    i've only had a mince pie once in my life - and i honestly don't even remember what it tasted like! the afternoon tea sounds like a lovely christmas get-together with your family and boyfriend.