Wishlist #48 - The Notebook Obsessed Edit

To put it simply, I love notebooks. I want to build a collection of pretty notebooks on a shelf and admire them. And then I want to find a good use for each one! At the moment I don't have that many notebooks, but that's just because I don't have anywhere to put them, and they get ruined with a paper-crazed pup at home and a shared bedroom. But I will build a collection of pretty ones, and I'd love to include these in there:

Panda Hug Life | Union Jack | Paperblanks Horses | Genius At Work | You Should Write Something Really Awesome In Here | Frame Academy | Things I Like To | Tiger

Give me £50 or £100 in Paperchase or WHSmith's and I'm sure I could blow it quick just on notebooks alone! And maybe a pretty pen to write in them. I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to collect but I do just like the pretty covers and using them to write and draw in. Do you like to collect anything?

CAT xo


  1. I love notebook! Like you I could spend £100s in paperchase <3

  2. The last one with the tiger is amazing!
    I was having a browse in the home section of Urban Outfitters the other day and found so many stunning notebooks! I want them all!