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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wishlist #50 - Designer Edit

With Christmas over and the sales on their way out, it's all about the new product for S/S14. I've recently learnt the luxury of higher end products to last me a little longer than the affordable Primary or treat yourself Topshop! So today I thought I would share my latest designer wants for this year....

Ted Baker Oil Painting Printed Skirt - Ted Baker always make the prettiest clothes and I have fallen for this skirt. I don't have anything in my wardrobe to go with this but it would be perfect for a special occasion in the spring or summer!
Ralph Lauren Shirts - Ever since I visited Ralph Lauren Polo in Bicester Village, I've been obsessed with getting a couple of Ralph Lauren shirts. This one is perfect for everyday, and the colours are gorgeous. I also love the pink and white pinstriped one... Neeeeeeed.
Converse AllStar Leather Hi-Tops - I've always wanted a pair of white converse but always thought that I would just get them dirty and ruin them. But these white leather ones would be perfect as I'd be able to clean them really easy.
Timberland  Premium Wheat Boots - I recently bought a pair of these Timberlands for my boyfriend and now I really want a pair too! They look so good on him and I've seen lots of photos of fashionistas rocking them in the summer sun!
Vivienne Westwood Frilly Snake Bag - When I went to Fortnum & Mason at the start of the year, I fell in love with a Vivienne Westwood bag, but unfortunately can't fork out the £200 sale price it was... I wish I could because it would have come home with me there and then. I since then have developed a dream of getting a Vivienne Westwood bag to call my own. I love this one, but it would prerably love a big one to use everyday!
Moschino Violetta iPhone 5 Case - This is potentially the 3rd time this beaut has appeared on a wishlist. It's just so cute and with my new iPhone 5S it would be lovely to get a safe and designer rubber case to keep it protected and looking cute!
Jimmy Choo Perfume - When I ordered my Guerlain Highlighting and Sculpting Powder, I received this Jimmy Choo perfume in a little tester bottle and just adore the smell! It's the only perfume on my wishlist at the moment and I would love to add this to my perfume collection!

I think if I could only have one of these I'd definitely be after the Vivienne Westwood bag. I think deep down I'd want that the most. What's top on your wishlist of designer items?

CAT xo

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  1. The heart shaped bag is just adorable and what a beautiful color! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. It is isn't it? I love the shape more than anything! x