Hello 2014


Hello! I haven't been around properly for a while, and now that 2014 is here and all the festive season craziness is over, I can sit here and blog! First of all Happy New Year! I had a lovely evening out with John last night. We decided to go back to the place where we had our first date for dinner and they also have a hotel so we stayed the night there too. It was a lovely quiet one between us and we had a lovely time, and made it special considering it is out Three Year Anniversary today :) It's been such a long time, and I'm still so so happy with him!

I have lots of things planned for this year and how many of them will happen, I don't know; but I am feeling optimistic that I will try and be more enthusiastic and active about things this year! That's basically my main New Year's resolution bundled along with a group of other ones...
This year I was to do a lot to make myself a happier, healthier and better person in all. There's so much I want to do and I thought I would share them with you today as a sort of "Hello 2014, this is what I want you to behold" type post.

This year I want to:
- Walk to work more often. If you knew how close to my work place I lived, you could nominate me for laziest woman of the year award!
- Be more creative. In the sense that I want to make things and be more DIY, and also get my drawing mojo back.
- Run at least twice-three times a week. I don't want to become one of these women who will never know what it is like to feel fit!
- Eat healthier. I do eat like a man if I am very honest and this resolution is joint with John who also wants to get fitter in 2014, so we're doing it together! (Aww.)
- Save £???? towards a deposit. I want to save something thousand pounds towards a house with John this year. We really want to move out and it does mean sacrificing our beloved holiday time for it. We will have a few breaks away, but with times being hard at the moment, every penny counts!
- Re-invent my wardrobe. I've started to become sick of my older clothes, and I think with my new things coming into it, I am starting to see a happy wardrobe that I love to wear! I want it to be like this all the time, so I think a huge eBay sale is in order, and maybe when it gets warmer a car boot sale? What's more successful!?

I know I'm asking a lot for 2014, but like I said. I want to be more active and actually do things with my life! I think the realisation that I'm pretty much mid twenties helps this, but I'm already devising my year with a new diary, blog book, and attitude. Bring on 2014, and make it an amazing one!

CAT xo

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