Wishlist #51 - New Year, New Style, New Me

I planned to do this post for my 52nd wishlist to celebrate a year of wishlisting, but I couldn't wait to show off all the new colours and things that I am loving for the launch of Spring/Summer 2014! And my, my, isn't it looking amazing? Pastels, monochrome prints from dogtooth to aztecs, gingham, PU and florals. I love it all, and this is probably my ultimate wishlist for this year already... And it's only just the end of January!

I picked most of these things to wishlist from GlamorousMissguidedMiss Selfridge and Topshop, just because I love the trends these brands are styling at the moment, and I dangerously could have found a lot more than I would have liked too with all their amazing new product. What are you doing to me fashion world!?
This year I want to define my style. I've noticed a pattern in the things that I like and the things that I look at, and this year my aim is to shop aware, and only buy if I really think it would fit in my wardrobe well, and with versatility. And though I am a prints girl at heart, I'm now looking for simplicity with a statement. I want that PU Skort with the monochrome jumper layered on top. I want the lilac bodycon dress with a gilet thrown over and a pair of chunk white boots. I want a bag that will go with everything, but will be a statement all on it's own. I want cute as a button ponytails with those scrunchies, and I want to smell like the woman who came into my work today, which I asked what it was she was wearing.
A wardrobe re-vamp is more than needed, and I dare to say it's never been done (I think). There are more than a few pieces that I think I need to say goodbye to, but my problem is that I hate getting rid of things. I'm hoping I can turn some of it into some more shopping money with an eBay spree or a blog sale. I keep saying this, but it's about time I do.
Recently I've been attempting to get everything in my life into order. I've organised a financial plan, I'm fixing long awaiting things like my car, I'm finally happy with my blog, and the list of things to do is very long. But I do all this to help me gain more control and organisation in my life. And being happy with my wardrobe is also a part of it, because I want to be happy with my style and how I look in my journey to becoming a happier more confident and organised woman! And I'm actually getting there this time. :)

Now all I need is for someone to buy me all that up there! Any offers!? *hehe*

CAT xo


  1. WOw everything on this list is just perfect! I love the white boots and the pastel blue skort and the lilac dress and the sock and omg just everything ahaha. Greatt post!
    Tiana x

    1. Thank you! I wish I could buy all of this now :P x