My January

This January hasn't had much happening in it. With Christmas, New Year, Anniversary and Birthdays all in the 2 week peak season I spent all my dollar then! I did go to Fortnum & Mason for Afternoon Tea, but I think that's all me and John did this month.
I've kept my resolutions really well this month too! I've eaten a lot healthier despite a couple of takeaways and naughty desserts... I've put away money too which I'm really proud of myself for. And though I haven't kept to my exercise the resolution (due to it raining all the bloody time), I did get well organised and actually do things instead of saying and then not doing I've been doing! This was a resolution I gave up on giving myself every year. And it sounds weird but I didn't make this resolution to myself fearing that I wouldn't do it again, but it seems turning 24 has bought out the adult in me! I'm not a total adult... But I'm as close as I'm going to get ;)
Other things in January involved dying my hair red and wanting to go redder, getting my new iPhone 5S and a few investment make up pieces I can't wait to review! I also bought too which I was really excited about. How did your Janurary 2014 go?

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