Wishlist #52 - The Floral Edit

OH, I love florals. And I've been even more inspired to wear them since my trip into London on Thursday. Mooching around, checking out all the new trends led me to spotting the two sweatshirts in Bershka, and the yellow dress in H&M. I couldn't stop thinking about them. And that is how I know how much I like and want something... Uh-oh. £££££
Florals are all over the scene this season, and I really want to buy into some of these pretty pastel ones. I have a few floral pieces at home but they aren't very versatile or they're not my style now. It may just be my current love for these pieces talking, but I think any of these would be timeless, and work year in year out in my wardrobe! I really would love that pinker playsuit for nights out, with it's tailored fit and lace detailing. And that white and lilac dress is perfect for day dates, with that drop waist that's really in right now. Florals always are trendy, but in these colours, they are just perfect for those Spring/Summer sunny days... unlike the ones we're having now. The wind and the rain we're having at the moemnt is atrocious! My thoughts going out to those with flood troubles...
This wishlist really makes me want spring to come by fast... Wouldn't you agree?
What's your favourite piece?
CAT xo


  1. Ooo, I have the floral dress from H&M open in another tab at the moment. I am contemplating buying it, but on the model, it looks extremely short and even short at the sides so now I'm not sure.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

    1. It's lovely isn't it? I didn't end up buyig it but it's on sale now... Oooooh xx