My February


February has been a busy month but has hasn't passed by quicker than a normal month despite being shorter than all of them. I've got up to all sorts this month, and I got to say it's been quite a successful February!
This month, I attended my first blogger event, shopped around in London, had a few days off spent with a crazy cousin, went bowling twice (a rarity), made a banging Minecraft themed birthday cake, painted a tree mural on a wall as a gift, gave a cute valentine's present and was part of the flappy bird craze. Though all this has happened, and it's all been a lot of fun, I've got so much to look forward to in March I've hardly reflected on the past month until it came to writing this post! My highlight of the whole month was definitely the swap shop party, and I think giving my brother the best cake he's ever got was high up there too, along with Valentine's day of course!
In March I look forward to my week off with John which starts today! We're going to Norfolk for a luxury lodge holiday and I seriously can't wait. I love having time off and being far away from home for a little bit, and especially when we've gone for a casual one in one of our favourite places. I've also got my aunt and cousin coming over from France for the weekend that I'm back, so we've got lots of fun things to be planning in that weekend. I haven't much else planned apart from a local car boot sale (finally), but I'm looking forward to March and all it has in store.
It's a quiet month really, even with all my plans.... I like it :)

CAT xo


  1. nice photos, you have a great month :))