Wishlist #54 - Shoe Love

Oh shoes. As a woman, it's a simple love affair with these bad boys.
Recently I've been loving anything in the new summer colours, or with a chunky heel. I'm particularly loving white shoes at the moment looking clean, crisp and girly, but the idea of buying a pair and ruining them makes me feel like I would just be wasting my money. But thus I am thinking about getting those lace up boots every other day...
The chunky heels excite me too! They're just so easy to wear thus their chunkiness and statement look - especially when you're wearing a pair of bright frilly socks underneath! Chunkiness means walking in them is comfortable AND looking good at the same time, so this is a great trend for everyone. And with heels in all heights and platforms, there's a chunky heel for everyone.
The most toned down pair I've picked here are the black courts on the bottom right, just because I actually don't have a pair of plain black courts. I have them in all colours but black, so an investment in a pair would be totally worth it, and stop me freaking out countless times on what heels to wear when the simple black courts would solve everything!
I love shoes, and though I have quite a few pairs, there can never be one too many pairs can there!? I surely think not!

CAT xo


  1. Number 4! <3
    I spotted them in baby pink in topshop.. I actually need them for my summer wardrobe!


  2. Loving almost every pair!


  3. Number 3 & 4! <3 Beauts.