My April

Sorry April? Where did you go!? I don't think I even had a chance to say hello... Yes April is gone as of in 20 minutes from the time I am writing this up. I thought about the things I did this month and there wasn't too many, but there were a few highlights to mention...!

April only means Easter, and that being said I was excited to have the family meal at my grandparent's house! It was all I expected, and I enjoy it so much because I get to see all my family at once and catch up, which was nice. As well as that, I've seen a few friends and gone out for dinner countless times which has been a nice change to the normal routine, and it was also my little brother's 21st birthday! I made him world's most awful 21 cake, but it was yummy! And I promise to make him a better looking cake next year...
This month I also helped a little hibernating hedgehog back out into the world after we found him coming out of hibernation in out garage! How he got in there in the first place is beyond us, but being a plump fellow and opening up the garage for the first time in a long time, we guessed he'd been hibernating in there over the winter... Cheeky and clever fella.
The big highlight of April for me was definitely McBusted! I had the BEST time with Jess and the boys, having lottts of drinks, listening to the best of Busted and McFly and having a mission and a half to get home! It was a memorable night indeed and I'm still yet to blog about it!

There's lots I'm still yet to blog about on top of my McBusted experience (and AHEM, Mr James Bourne following Miss Jess! *undetectable high pitched squeak*), but I'm planning a lot in this May, and I'm eager to get going with them. I'm feeling very inspired right now, so I hope you're in for lots of posts!

Hope you all had a lovely April too! What was your April highlight?

CAT xo


  1. Sounds like April was a good month! I do love the pictures of your gorgeous staffie x

    1. It was a good month thank you :) Hope yours was too! xx

  2. April went so fast, I agree, I never even got chance to write what a what I did in March in April either.
    I adore your dog, hes so cute.

    x x x

    1. I know right? What happens to the months now?
      He's the cutest isn't he? :) xx